Why Should You Avoid Free IT Recycling?

Mitigating Risks & Choosing Quality

Environmental damage

All reputable IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) companies should provide you with guarantees that no IT components and other materials end up at a landfill site. With a free service it is unlikely there will be guarantees and can often result in the cheapest option being taken when disposing of redundant materials i.e. landfill. Reputable ITADs that have committed to ISO 14001 will have a framework that allows them to maintain an effective environmental management system, which in turn helps reduce waste and improve resource efficiency.

Why does using a certified provider matter?

Free services often don’t demonstrate compliance to the highest standards. Using a certified provider offers certain guarantees with respect to environmental and data security aspects. For example, a provider that is ISO 27001 certified has been audited and rigorously tested to ensure all processes and policies surrounding data security and data management are of high standards. Also, ISO 14001 which relates to Environmental Management, ensuring certified companies meet certain environmental standards.


Have you transferred the liability of the data?

Make sure that before collection of your redundant IT equipment there are signed documents to ensure the transfer of liability from client to provider, this could be in the form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Without this liability transfer there is still a risk you could face financial and reputational damage. Many free services will offer a verbal guarantee that data is secure – however with no paper trail a verbal contract is useless.


No Liability Transfer

Liability Transfer

Risk of fines



Reputational damage



Protection of rights



Accountable for breach



Do you receive money back from your provider?

Many companies that receive a free IT Disposal service don’t receive any sort of rebate for their recycling efforts. Whilst we cannot guarantee rebates, we do offer the opportunity to receive one. Receiving a rebate depends on a few factors, one of which being the value of redundant equipment. If you believe there is still value in your equipment or you would like to discuss whether you qualify for a rebate, then please get in touch so we can provide a solution to your IT Asset Disposal requirements.