Why You Should Re-Use Rather Than Recycle Electrical Goods and Old Computers

When recycling electrical goods or old computers many people think of feeding an item into a machine, harvesting the metals and plastics from the other end, and remanufacturing to make new products such as a new car or mobile phone.

The problem with this is it actually takes a vast amount of energy to break down the original item, recycle and refine the components into raw materials and manufacture a new product.

In comparison, testing, sanitising, cleansing and recycling IT equipment by repurposing a product, potentially doubling its lifespan can halve its environmental impact and benefit everyone.

As well as the environmental benefit there is a financial benefit to the original owner. Reuse also brings affordable technology into the marketplace for individuals who would not be able to afford brand new technology.

This conscientious approach is adopted by ICEX GROUP one of the leading IT recycling companies within the UK and enables us to feed value back into our clients who previously may have been paying someone to recycle equipment, rather than reuse it.

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