How Do I Qualify For A Rebate?

Whilst many companies looking to dispose of old IT equipment will look for the free option, they may be missing the opportunity of receiving something back from their redundant assets.

The rebate amount depends solely on the quality and quantity of assets ready for disposal.

Most electronic assets depreciate at a rapid rate. The average PC depreciates by 50% in the first year, a further 30% by 18 months, another 10% by 24 months, then 10% per month thereafter. Hence a £1,000 PC would be worth £500 after 12 months, £350 after 18 months, £315 after 24 months, and £89 after 36 months. With companies upgrading their hardware regularly it’s crucial that you dispose of the redundant equipment sooner rather than later – the longer it’s left in storage, the more it depreciates.


There are multiple factors to consider when we price up a job; logistics costs, processing costs, environment agency costs etc. To put yourself in the best position for a cost-neutral collection and the possibility of a rebate, we recommend you collate as many redundant electronic items together as possible. A high volume of quality items will help towards the possibility of a rebate. 

If you are looking to dispose of IT equipment, then give us a call and one of our experts will inform you as to whether there is value still there.