Profit Sharing Through IT Remarketing

With our IT remarketing processes ICEX can make substantial annual savings for a business by reselling an organisations redundant IT assets, helping to offset some of the costs incurred in buying new equipment, through the IT resale of sanitised equipment.

Our specialist team ensures that each item entering our facility is thoroughly tested for quality assurance and function. Equipment that meets our high standards will be fixed or improved with new parts to then be sold – 55% of all IT equipment that enters our facility is repurposed and reused.

We work with an open book policy with our clients to remarket your IT, once the costs for data cleansing, servicing and repairing equipment have been covered. We profit share any residual money, neutralising our charges and returning some value on a client’s redundant IT.

Extending the life of office and mobile electronics not only offers financial benefits to an organisation but also helps to create a sustainable environment for ourselves and future generations.