Positive social impact with ICEX GROUP
and Partners Relief & Development

Your IT kit can help us transform communities from a state of digital poverty to digital equality.

At ICEX GROUP, we’re working with Partners Relief & Development, a humanitarian service organisation that firmly believes that to love is to act. 

What is Partners Relief & Development?

Partners Relief & Development provides aid to children in war-torn communities in Ukraine, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Their vision is free, full lives for children affected by conflict and oppression and their mission is to ensure children and communities are safe, healthy and have access to education. 

We have joined forces with the Partners Relief & Development global team, to achieve something special.

How your old IT kit can aid freedom and fullness …

Simply choose to donate all, or part, of your rebate (if eligible) from ICEX GROUP, to Partners Relief & Development. We will donate it on your behalf and measure the collective impact. It will help fund better technologies and internet access in schools and education programmes in the countries where Partners Relief & Development work, helping to close the digital gap for kids in conflict areas and growing your ESG impact.
digital poverty_digital equality

UNICEF says, “Education is vital to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.”


Whilst access to education is increasing worldwide, there is still great disparity between the UK and nations aided by Partners Relief & Development.

Communities in conflict areas are left with bare-bones infrastructure. They also have limited access to the devices and internet connection necessary for accessing healthcare, education, work and financial independence.

Globally, 37% of men have internet access but only 20% of women. This is known as the digital gender gap, and it affects children too.

At ICEX GROUP, we are securely repurposing and recycling all our clients’ technology assets, to help achieve digital equality, and reduce e-waste to landfill. Work with us and it can improve your own ESG performance.

With ICEX GROUP as your IT Asset Disposal partner, we can return any residual value back to you in the form of a rebate. But why not use it to aid communities in need?