Our Ethos

Security and Sustainability in IT Recycling and E-Waste Solutions

Security and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. For the last 16 years we have continually improved our operation to ensure we provide a professional, easy-to-use range of IT recycling and e-waste services guaranteed by the highest levels of accreditation.

We are regularly audited by the Asset Disposal Information Security Alliance (ADISA), and are open to visits and audits from our clients and prospects alike.

Throughout the process of recycling old or redundant computers, from initial enquiry, order progression, collection and processing, to follow-up documentation, and value recovery, we are available to offer expert advice and guidance.

ICEX - IT recycling and data destruction for business

At ICEX, we promise that we will always:

  • Deliver an exceptional client experience
  • Ensure our clients are completely satisfied with our service
  • Be responsive to our clients’ needs
  • Find solutions to our clients’ issues, where others cannot
  • Develop and share expertise in IT Asset Disposal and information security

We will always offer help and guidance on the right level of data destruction required from full hard drive destruction using our mobile hard drive shredder to meeting the gold standard in data erasure using our Blancco software.

Contact us today so we can provide a solution to your  IT recycling and Data Disposal requirements.