Waste Management Licence

Environment Agency carrying out roadside inspections

The Environment Agency twitter feed over the past few days, has given us an insight into their workings. They have posted news of road side inspections, seeking out people operating without a waste carriers licence.

When a company needs to dispose of electrical waste, they have the choice, to call a man in a van or a recognised waste carrier. If you are moving something that is at the end of its life and headed for the bin, a man in a van may not have the correct license to carry waste. They may hold insurance as a carrier of goods, but transferring equipment or goods that are beyond use, a waste license is needed.

The paperwork we hand over to our clients, has our waste carriers licence number on it. We have copies as part of our accreditation’s pack and a copy is proudly placed on the wall in reception.

The processing license we hold, prevents us from offering a free service, each consignment that comes through the door incurs a processing fee we must pay to the agency. If you are offered a cheap deal to remove your waste, morally you must ask why it is so cheap, where do they take the waste?

If you’re not bothered where it ends up and pick the cheap option, maybe one day the waste of someone else who doesn’t care will land on your drive.