Media and Entertainment

Apple Recycling, Computer and Laptop Disposal Services

In general, anyone who works in the media or design industry will be constantly using technology and aware of the benefits of using the most up-to-date solutions. For many employees, a computer workstation is their primary tool, making updates in software applications drive the refresh rate of media IT assets much quicker than in any other sector.

Large amounts of personal and client data are stored both locally and on storage servers, sometimes spanning hundreds of terabytes throughout an organisation. Therefore, there is a need to use ICEX to ensure all redundant data has been 100% eradicated or physically destroyed. 

Equipment within the Entertainment industry is generally high end, ages well, very reliable and retains its value for longer. Using the profit sharing scheme within ICEX, we can help you and your business offset some of the upgrade costs.

We can help you securely recycle your redundant Apple equipment, our engineers have the expertise to securely wipe the existing data before re-installing software. This can then be remarketed depending on its condition, ensuring a second life for the asset.

Organisations in the entertainment and media industries choose ICEX to handle their redundant equipment because of our expert ability to sanitise the data held on their devices ensuring data destruction before repurposing. We are experts in iPhone and Apple recycling as well as computer and laptop disposal, often providing a cost neutral service, or even provide them with a rebate allowing them to expand their IT budget whilst still fulfilling their information security and environmental obligations.