IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)

For Networking Products

The implementation of managed switches, IP phones, firewalls, VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and remote server management is being realised in more and more organisations.

Understanding what information is held on these and having the in-house expertise to clear this and restore them to factory settings is essential in order to minimise the risk of a breach and maximise residual value and asset recovery when firewall or managed switch recycling.

IP and network configuration is valuable information to cyber criminals and can be used to gain access to a network.

This type of equipment is normally the biggest outlay where it comes to IT infrastructure and although it is impossible to overwrite this information in the same way you can a magnetic hard drive, it needs to be reset to the factory default before it can be repurposed.

Currently, a brand new simple Cisco switch will cost you anywhere from £4k up to £25k, and enterprise class hardware anywhere from £50k to £100k.

ICEX GROUP understands this equipment still has a value even if it is replaced after 5 years of service and we can contract this against other costs or pass it directly back to our clients when dealing with their IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) requirements. Contact us today to find out more about the value in your old networking equipment and our Profit Sharing scheme.