Asset List Generation For Your Asset Tracking Register

In an ideal world any data holding asset should be documented and assigned an owner on the company’s asset list register. When it is decommissioned, it should be changed to reflect this, and then once it has been disposed of, changed once again.

In the real world, this is no always the case, and the client requires to know exactly what is being disposed of on the day of each collection. ICEX GROUP can carry out on audit of all IT hardware in use onsite, or just of that currently earmarked for disposal including make/model/serial number/asset number/location and specification.

It is often beneficial or crucial to keep your employees doing what they are doing and let someone else do the time-consuming work of recording this type of information. After this point, the final inventory report can then be reconciled against the original list to backup what was processed and then taken off the asset register. In many cases, this cost which can be paid for by part of the residual value in the equipment being processed.

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