Insurance Providers

IT Recycling and Data Cleansing Solutions

At ICEX GROUP we understand that Insurance Providers possess extremely sensitive data and must have it removed in a secure way to ensure no information is compromised. We supply IT recycling and data cleansing solutions to multiple Insurance Providers throughout the UK, amongst other services. As an Insurance Provider you are as aware as the rest of the financial industry about the value of data stored on electronic devices. Partnering with a reputable IT Asset Disposal company will not only show data compliance but will shift the liability of the data to the ITAD you choose.

ICEX - IT recycling and data destruction for business

Choosing an ITAD to partner with is crucial, we hold accreditations and certifications that are recognised worldwide. Our audit trail ensures complete transparency with our clients and provides quality and security assurances. 

Another aspect of our process that appeals to insurance providers is the potential monetary value that still exists in the redundant IT equipment. At ICEX GROUP we run a profit-sharing scheme whereby if there is value in the equipment it can potentially offset the costs we charge and create a rebate to the client. Many of our clients use this rebate to support an IT upgrade.

If you’re an insurance provider looking to dispose of redundant IT equipment, then give us a call so we can provide a solution to your IT Asset Disposal requirements.