Healthcare Sector

Computer Disposal, E-Waste Recycling and Data Cleansing

Our partners in the Healthcare sector hold some of the most sensitive and personal information about individuals. It is expected that the information given to the medical profession will be treated with discretion and with the highest levels of security when you recycle medical equipment.

With high profile data breaches recorded against some healthcare trusts and private service providers, the healthcare system comes to ICEX GROUP for the highest level of security and effective data cleansing services that we offer during processing of the vast amounts of equipment and data they need to dispose of every year. At ICEX GROUP, we pride ourselves on finding solutions. We can help you by providing the highest quality of service, meeting any problems or requirements you may have.

The data held on these machines goes through our most stringent data destruction processes which can take place on or off-site, including where required complete and verifiable physical hard drive destruction. This is supported by our DBS vetted staff and goes as far as GPS tracking for our collection vehicles. We help by providing a flexible and secure approach across a wide range of circumstances for some of the most personal and sensitive data.