Government and Public Sector

Computer Recycling and Data Cleansing

ICEX works with many clients within the public sector delivering secure computer recycling and data cleansing services. There are some differences, but many aspects remain the same. 

With budgets and resources stretched, IT refreshes are not as frequent as in other organisations and the age of equipment is generally quite old.

However, in general there is a heightened focus on data security due to the vast amounts (and nature) of public information stored on decommissioned devices. 

The public sector has a responsibility to protect the information they hold on individuals and The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has highlighted this by issuing some high-profile fines for data breaches in recent years.

The public sector has faced some challenges but ICEX are doing everything we can to help. This includes:

  • Promoting reuse over recycling which allows us to offset charges with residual value where possible
  • Providing a fully accredited and insured service
  • Offering on-site hard drive destruction services for highly confidential information.

One benefit of being Asset Disposal Information Security Alliance (ADISA) accredited means there is no requirement for Public Sector Clients to audit us annually which consumes time and resources – regular audits are performed by ADISA themselves and copies of these are available to the public. 

Please contact us to discuss how ICEX can help find a solution to your IT disposal requirements