Q1. What do you collect and process?
Answer. Our license allows us to collect and process any electrical or electronic device in accordance with the WEEE directive.

Q2. Does it have to be working?
Answer. It doesn’t matter if it’s working or not.

Q3. Do you charge?
Answer. Our services are chargeable, sometimes if the equipment we process is in good condition and high specification, the residual value may be enough to cover the costs.

Q4. Can I bring my items to you?
Answer. Yes, you can bring your items to our processing facility. However, if you are bringing hazardous material, like monitors or batteries, we will need your waste carriers license number to accept the delivery. We will also need 24 hours’ notice to check capacity and raise the paperwork.

Q5. How long will I wait for my collection?
Answer. We cover most areas weekly, so waiting times are usually 5-10 days.

Q6. Do I get any paperwork?
Answer. We leave a copy of the collection note with you, along with the waste transfer note. Certificates and inventory’s will be completed within a maximum of 20 processing days.

Q7. Are you licensed to collect my waste?
Answer. We hold Environment Agency licenses for waste transfer and processing. All copies of our credentials are on our website.

Q8. What do you do with my items? 
Everything is reused or recycled in accordance with your request and the WEEE guidelines. We try to reuse as much as we can, if this is not possible, we will begin the process of breaking down into component parts. Nothing is sent to landfill.

Q9. Who will have access to my equipment and data?
Answer. ICEX GROUP use the disclosure and Baring Service to vet all staff, your equipment is transported in GPS tracked vehicles, 100% of all collections are completed by ICEX GROUP staff and vehicles. Our processing and storage areas are covered by CCTV. 30% of our staff have over 10 years of service.

Q10. How do I know that you have destroyed my data?

Answer.  ICEX GROUP hold information security management ISO 27001, to show how seriously we take data disposal. Our service is fully certified and robustly tested.

Q11. Is the software you use approved?
Answer. The software we use to overwrite your data is on the approved list with the governments (NCSC) national cyber security centre.

Q12. How do you destroy hard drives?
Answer. We have a Hard Disc Drive shredding machine, it is mobile and can visit site, we also have a spiked hard drive hydraulic press to deform the disc.

Q13. I only have a small amount of equipment and less than 30 hard drives I wish to have destroyed at my location.
Answer. We can use our onsite shredding machine at your office, we do have a minimum daily charge for this service.

Q14. What payment methods to you take?
Answer. If there is a charge for our services, it can be paid by 30-day invoice or by credit/debit card.

Q15. How do you prepare my equipment for remarketing?
Answer. After collection, all of the equipment is sanitised, tested and logged. The equipment destined for reuse is tested further, cleaned and then marked for remarketing.

Q16. What information do require from me for a quote?

Answer. As much information on the qty and type of equipment as possible (including serial numbers and make/model if possible). A site survey form will be sent to you to be completed before we can collect to gather information about access and restrictions of the site we are collecting from.

Q17. How will I know it’s you collecting my equipment?
Answer. We will always confirm in advance who is visiting your site, you will have their details, the details of our vehicle and an ETA of arrival. They will always carry ID and have a copy of our paperwork and a copy for you.

Q18. Where do you collect from?
Answer. Our target area is the south east, but we do cover the whole of the UK mainland. We can utilise partnerships to cover distance and offer collections further afield.

Q19. Where do you process all the equipment?
Answer. We have a CCTV covered and Red Care alarmed secure facility in central Essex. All the processing areas are covered by CCTV.

Q20. Who do you collect from?
Answer. We have strong partnerships across all areas of business and commerce. From International financial institutions to the high street solicitor. If you have a need for secure data disposal and destruction, we have the service for you.

Q21. Why should I recycle?
Answer. The WEEE directive is enforceable across all areas, not just household but business too. A business must show they have a traceable system for the disposal of electronic and electrical equipment. This system benefits everyone and should form part of the Corporate Social Responsibility plan.

Q22. Why do I need an inventory?
Answer. This will provide you with independent documentation that the data and equipment has been disposed of in a safe and secure way. Having the paperwork trail to back up the process. If your equipment or data ends up somewhere and you are at risk, having documentation to confirm you followed regulations, may just save you from a fine.

Q23. I’m not worried about my data it’s all password protected or wiped.
Answer. The reset button may not be powerful enough to remove your data and un-accredited software may not remove the data it is saying it has (especially where it comes to SSD’s). Having independent verification that the data has been sanitised, holds more value than doing it yourself.

Q24. Who are your downstream partners?
Answer. All our partner companies have been checked to match our standards of security. All data and equipment is physically and digitally cleaned before it leaves our facility, so there is no data risk. The equipment that is headed for recycling has also had all identification removed, so nobody could trace any carcass back to you.

Q25. Why should I use an ITAD?
Answer. You may feel that you already have the correct procedure in place to deal with this. Your cleaning company may take away the ewaste as part of your cleaning contract. Do they have the technology or the capability to deal with your data stored on these machines? The local scrap man may have said he will come and collect it for nothing – you may be disposing of equipment that still holds value or you may be giving vast amounts of money away for nothing! If there is no value and you are receiving a free service, where is the corner being cut to provide the free service?

Q26. We are a registered charity – is it free for us?
Answer. Everybody has a responsibility to dispose of IT and WEEE in the correct manner. We cannot offer a guaranteed free service, there are costs associated with handling and disposing of waste, but we are happy to give you a quote and estimate the value of your equipment.