Data Destruction Services


At ICEX GROUP, we use specialist software to ensure hard drives and other storage devices are securely wiped. Data security is one of the most important factors of our service, we ensure all data is securely wiped or physically destroyed.

ICEX - IT recycling and data destruction for business

Using Blancco Drive Eraser we can ensure your sensitive data has been permanently erased from devices including servers, laptops, desktops, mobile phones and even printers. Each erasure provides a certificate to prove compliance and can be fed back to you and your clients. It’s important to entrust your data destruction services in the hands of an experienced service provider. 

We take all the liability of the data and provide proof of erasure; this certification of proof can be used within your own business to help with compliance requirements.

It is essential to look for a Data Destruction Service provider who strictly follows the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive. You should also ensure that they will erase the data from your computer completely and provide proof. ICEX GROUP is a reputable Data Destruction provider with over 16 years of experience. Our services are both secure and eco-friendly. Our processes comply with  ISO 27001, which puts us in the top 5% of companies operating in our field.

IT recycling and data destruction for business