We need used laptops you no longer need, so we can help people work and educate from home

ICEX are helping organisations get used laptops to those who need them right now so they can work and teach from home

You can play your part in helping the nation work from home and ensuring parents can teach their children. If you have redundant laptops set aside for recycling, or any laptops you no longer need please call us on 01376 503900 or email

A Message from the CEO

As the world responds to COVID-19, our thoughts are with the people affected and the medical professionals working around the clock to help those most in need. We wanted to play our part as we all work together to respond to the outbreak.

We have thought long and hard about how we can best serve our customers and communities by using our skills and resources here at ICEX. We have therefore decided to focus on using the ICEX system to get as many laptops as we can, to people who desperately need them to work from home. during this period of social distancing.

To be of most help to people working from home, we need the help of organisations: we need your redundant laptops.

Many of our customers might put the repurposing of IT equipment low down on their priority list. We totally understand that point of view. However, the truth is, we need more laptops, as the demand is great from our ICEX store.

Keeping our team, our customers, and all who we come in contact with safe is our number one priority. So we have introduced new collection protocols to ensure that when we collect IT equipment, it is safe for everyone. Our front-line teams are wearing protective gloves and face masks, they are cleaning everything with disinfectant before and after collection, and, of course, maintaining strict distancing protocols in line with Government guidelines.

We’ve altered our protocols for collection so it’s safe to collect your redundant laptops (and other IT kit). We ask that you consider how you might be able to help us at this time.

In summary, we believe it is useful to society, right now, to get any organisation’s laptops into the ICEX system so they can be quickly re-purposed for people working from home and teaching from home during Covid-19.

       Your country needs your redundant laptops!

  • ICEX clean all the data from laptops and other data storing devices to National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) standards.
  • ICEX always ensure the right up-to-date software is installed so that laptops can be used straight away.
  • All laptops for sale come with a 1 month warranty through our ICEX eBay shop.

We have adjusted our collection protocols to ensure we are Covid-19 safe both for our customers and our employees. Contact us today to discuss how we can collect from you safely and securely!

If you’re an organisation with used laptops you don’t need any more, and want ICEX to get them to people who desperately need them to work and educate from home, please call 01376 503900 or email

If you need a quality-assured used laptop so you can work from home, click here.