IT recycling and data destruction for business

One of the UK’s leading providers of retirement financial solutions uses ICEX


A specialist UK financial services group that focus on attractive segments of the UK retirement income market, contacted ICEX with the aim of removing redundant IT equipment, to help clear much needed space at their premises within a limited time frame. The company in question were recently part of a large-scale merger, making the IT department of the parent company responsible for the new set of offices.

The Challenge

Tasked with retiring a large amount of hardware, no accurate asset list to work from and no spare resources internally to divert to this task, they contacted us to discuss how we could help.  They wanted as much info as possible about the hardware in use to enable them to make an informed decision about what hardware to retain/recycle, but with as little disruption as possible. The Client Solutions Team at ICEX were quick to assess any problems that may arise from this specific project.


ICEX and the client agreed on what information needed to be recorded and would also be quickly obtainable. ICEX then sent a team into the office, out of hours to ensure there was no disruption to the clients regular working day, and recorded information on several hundred items over two evenings.  As soon as it was available, the client was sent the list and identified the assets they wanted to recycle.  From this point, it was easy to quote and arrange the collection because the information was 100% accurate and both parties knew exactly where everything was.

After the initial session, it was clear that more resources were needed to complete the job. But to every problem there is a solution, therefore ICEX doubled the size of the team sent to deal with the job on the second evening. Despite the task needing more resources than was originally planned, the work was completed on-time and the client was left satisfied with the service they had received.


  • No problem is too big for ICEX – contingency plans are always in place to help with specific client needs
  • Our vastly experienced team can deal with hurdles that may arise onsite
  • The ICEX team is highly trained, offering exceptional customer service from quote, to collection to after collection services.