IT Disposal Services for the Healthcare Sector


We have recently completed a job for a drug development company based in Nottingham. The company were after a high quality service to remove redundant IT equipment from their premises. This company were adamant that the partner they chose had to match their core values of integrity and quality. They were specifically looking to use an ADISA member because of the high standards the members adhere to. After receiving quotes from a handful of IT Asset Disposal companies they decided to use ICEX, there reasons being reputation, quality and efficiency.

The Challenge

From the information given to us it was a challenge to assess the complexity of the job. On a quiet Nottingham industrial estate sat a non-descript building, housing a large data centre on the first floor. We knew the job was going to be big, therefore more research was needed into the task in hand.

We were booked in for a Friday night away from home with the lorry ready to transport several 42u racks that we were scheduled to remove. Arriving on site, circumstances had changed, and we realised this was a very big job, with more equipment added to the list after we had performed a site survey.

The Solution

We managed to perform a site survey allowing us to better assess the challenge we faced, also allowing us to distribute the appropriate resources. With so many staff already on site, our spare vehicle and engineers were soon dispatched, the operations manager swiftly arranged the new order of works, with so many servers to remove a full van was back on its way back to our facility, the two days of work had now been swapped around and turned on its head.

A van full of cables was sent away, back to our unit and the 2 vans with the servers had returned to Nottingham for the evening. Back on site early in the morning the server racks were removed and loaded onto the lorry as planned and soon heading back to our processing facility in Essex. The vans were then loaded with the remaining equipment and headed back down south to catch up with the lorry and prepare at the unit for the delivery of the racks.

Thankfully the collection team have a wealth experience and were able to complete the job within the timeline we’d been given from the client. The thorough job was appreciated by the client and positive feedback was received the following day.


  • The client now had more space to operate and were able to modernise the area that had been vacated.
  • The task the client had set us was completed in an efficient manner.
  • We ensured that all data was kept secure and a quality removal service was delivered.
  • Our bespoke service allowed us to complete the job within the allocated time
  • The client was left happy and has since recommended our services to some of their own clients.
  • Site surveys allow us to get a better understanding of the task in hand