IT recycling and data destruction for business

IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) and Computer Recycling For A Major International Financial Institution


A major international financial institution based in the capital have strict guidelines and expectations for their data holding equipment. They need and demand the highest of standards for removing redundant IT equipment and disposing of data, that’s where our services fit in. The client were happy for their equipment to be processed off-site but required a service that both provided a thorough physical and digital operation.

The inventory created by our ADISA approved process helped supply the client with the paperwork they required as proof the equipment and data had been processed and to certify the data had been destroyed. The requirements for this client were even higher than the usual high standards we set.

The building had strict security throughout, as you would expect from every busy office in the city. For this specific job an area in the basement was selected by the client for the storage of their redundant IT equipment. Only physical equipment was stored in this location with a log available for all the staff movements in and out of the room. All of the equipment was pre-processed onsite by the IT department, the hard drives were logged and matched to the machine it had been removed from, with the drive serial number being matched to the machines serial number and the client’s own asset tag, giving them a thorough inventory of hard drives already matched to their asset tags.

The Challenge

ICEX always give a client advanced notification of the vehicles being used, estimated time of arrival and driver details for their booked collection, however this client had higher expectations. The collection was a little out of the ordinary because of the strict guidelines the client had for their data, providing us with many additional challenges.

The process was thorough as the account manager that drew up the guidelines for this particular process had completed a site visit on several occasions. They had to meet with the IT department to find out the type of equipment and media we had to deal with, a meeting with the security and facilities departments that gave an insight into the locations of the equipment and the location in the building where our hard drive shredder would be placed. Having then drawn up plans on the process we would apply, they had to run through this with the client’s security team.


With vehicles and staff pre-booked, driving in through the double security shutters, the mobile shredding machine was unloaded and escorted in with our DBS cleared staff to the basement. The hard drives were stored in one of the secure server rooms and the client’s staff brought an allocated amount to the shredder. These were then scanned onto our inventory, with model, serial and asset tags logged. Amounts were then double-checked, and shredding could begin. The shredded hard drives were then stored in secure wheeled bins and locked and sealed with security tags.

The secure storage bins had their tags logged and were loaded and booked out with security. The return journey information was then sent to the client, using the vans GPS tracking capabilities, finally the security tags are logged into our building. We then returned to site in the following days, continuing the logging and shredding process from the clients pre-determined and recorded hard drives. Any additional collections during this time were booked and cleared with security, following the secure procedures we have in place. Having the process cleared with security, we were then booked in to complete the job.


  • Using our experience and ADISA approved process, ICEX backed up the secure disposal and destruction service we supply to all our clients with the additional checks and reports the client expected for their disposal needs.
  • The additional services we put in place on this occasion can be placed into any collections and expectations thrust onto us in the future.
  • Our ability to mould our services around even the highest of expectations, show our robust procedure of secure data and equipment disposals can be adjusted to suit the needs of your company too.