ICEX GROUP and Pickfords collaborate

ICEX GROUP and Pickfords collaborate to help Aberdeen Standard Investments achieve its environmental goals with an IT Asset Repurposing Solution


ICEX GROUP’s mission is to Recycle IT equipment, securely repurposing and recycling all its clients’ technology assets, to help achieve digital equality, and reduce E-waste to landfill. Our services include: assessing, collecting, certifying and repurposing redundant IT equipment, secure GDPR-compliant data wiping, and certified hard drive shredding.

Who are Pickfords?

Pickfords was established in 1646 and since then has become the largest removal company in the UK, with offices located all over the country. The company provides a range of services to help companies and government organisations of all sizes to relocate, refurbish, expand and/or downsize their premises.

Aberdeen Standard Investments’ requirements

To meet the client’s requirements, Pickfords was asked to provide Aberdeen Standard Investments with an IT Asset Disposal service. Pickfords worked in partnership with ICEX GROUP to deliver this service and help ASI achieve its sustainability goals.

Aberdeen Standard Investments needed over five hundred computers in its London, Leeds, and Newcastle offices to be removed. The company required a safe and secure removal of 1,700 IT Assets in total, with data security being imperative.

Our Role here at ICEX GROUP

The team at ICEX GROUP provided a thorough assessment of all items that needed to be reused by Aberdeen Standard Investments, saving costs on the acquisition of new equipment. The project required our recycling vehicles to be present every day during the duration of the work.

More on our data security service

As a Financial Services company, the data stored on the ASI computers was highly sensitive and confidential, so data security was essential. To ensure the data was fully erased, the ICEX team used the BLANCCO security system to erase the information which then allowed the equipment to be repurposed.

ICEX GROUP holds a gold partnership status with BLANCCO disk wipe software and uses this data eraser software, which comes with approval from some of the highest offices in the UK Government, to ensure a complete hard disk wipe. ICEX GROUP can use the BLANCCO software onsite or on a much larger scale at its own facility.

Overall, the outcomes of the project included:

• Logistical scale: total number of assets collected by ICEX GROUP on behalf of Pickfords from Aberdeen Standard Investments: 1,700

• Cost saving: around 300 computers were retained for reuse by Aberdeen Standard Investments – saving the cost of acquiring new equipment, and helping the planet

• Carbon reduction: 80% of IT equipment was reused by selling back into the market – reducing the impact on the planet by reducing the carbon footprint required to manufacture new equipment

• Nothing to landfill: 20% of equipment was recycled with 0% going to landfill, helping Aberdeen Standard Investments to achieve its sustainability targets

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