Banking and Financial Services

IT Recycling and Data Cleansing Solutions

ICEX GROUP supply IT recycling and data cleansing solutions to a wide range of clients across the financial sector. International banks, multinational insurance providers, retirement specialists and accountants are as aware as the rest of the financial industry of the residual value they have in the IT equipment they have finished with, but more importantly the value of the data stored on those machines.

Handing over data to a reputable IT asset disposal provider can satisfy most security departments. However, handing the data over to ICEX GROUP, a company with accreditation from some of the highest offices in the land, will almost certainly satisfy even the strictest of security departments.

The entire process for data bearing equipment from collection and booking in, to the actual processing, data sanitisation and storage of the equipment, has been inspected and approved by the industry standards body BSI, as part of our ISO 27001 certification.

Our modern collection vehicles are all GPS tracked so we can provide our financial services clients with a detailed print out of the journey from the clients’ site to our secure processing facilities. Our facilities are not only approved by BSI, but have also passed regular inspections from our client’s own security teams.

We barcode all the equipment we collect from each client site to ensure that every item is fully traceable. We also offer a pre-booking service where we barcode all IT assets marked for disposal on site. We then provide our clients with a detailed list of all the equipment, allowing the items to be cleared for removal and ready for processing by the company’s own security department prior to collection.

During computer recycling processing every hard drive is logged and sanitised to fully ensure data destruction. Where physical destruction of hard drives is required we remove the hard drives from all data bearing devices at our facilities or on site. These are then logged and shredded with our mobile hard drive shredder making sure all data and media is destroyed before it leaves the clients’ site.

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