ICEX Computers

Austech Computers was acquired by ICEX GROUP in 2021. We no longer use the Austech brand name and the company name was changed to ICEX Computers.

Our mission for ICEX GROUP, including Recycling Your IT, is securely repurposing and recycling all our clients’ technology assets, to help achieve digital equality, and reduce E-waste to landfill.

Our vision for ICEX GROUP, including Recycling Your IT, is to be the most sustainable IT asset repurposing company in Britain. We’re striving to make a better world. A world where no technology assets ever get wasted and everyone has access to affordable technology. A world where technology assets are reused as much as possible, and when new assets are needed, they’re always sustainable. Only when they’ve reached the end of their life, and as a last resort, do they get recycled. And absolutely nothing goes to landfill.

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