ICEX Insights: February 2021

Congratulations! You made it through January. ICEX is operating at the same capacity as last year despite Covid-19 disruptions. What about your organisation? Perhaps you are down-sizing or leaving the office for good? If you or your clients have IT assets reaching end-of-life, we need to hear from you.

When organisations partner with ICEX, we are meeting the technical revolution with the sustainable revolution. Enlisting our team is an easy way for you to engage with sustainable practices and reduce your carbon footprint this year. What are you waiting for?

For more technology insights across industries, read on…

What should CIO’s know about in 2021

This year is the “no turning back year” for Chief Data Officer (CDOs). At ICEX, we have long-term relationships with CIO’s across many industries and we want to keep organisations in-the-know throughout periods of “tech-celeration”. Forbes technology insights have illustrated the key shifts CIO’s need to be aware of in 2021, looking at data ‘convergence’ and ‘centre of design’. Read more here.

What is basic digital hygiene?

A CyberSecurity and Technology Insights Report revealed that 28% of UK employees said that their company has never given them cyber security training. And 52% of respondents said that cybersecurity was not a priority for their businesses. Quite frankly, we are shocked! 

This is the beginning of a new era where technology is intrinsic to business success. To keep your business in the game, and avoid expensive data breaches, “there must be a more active interest in cybersecurity” – says Tim Hickman, partner and data protection lawyer at global law firm White & Case. Then, every employee should have a basic level of digital hygiene – necessary behaviours for better cybersecurity.
Remember, it only takes one weak password, engagement with a phishing email or a single unpatched device to experience a data breach.

The war on e-waste: how much tech are we buying?

Last year, out of the top 100 product searches on Amazon, over half are for electronics. And 6 of the top 10 most innovative companies of 2020 were tech companies. We are buying more tech than ever before. In 2020, it kept us connected, entertained us and enabled us to keep doing our work. Many companies will continue with digital transformations this year. How will we adapt without doing harm?

Some technology insights have said electronically functional materials that are completely biologically degradable could be a solution. This would mean manufacturing devices that are manufactured in a responsible way too. Only then, will consumers – buyers of technology – be able to make environmentally conscious choices. Read more here.

Love for pre-loved tech this Valentines Day.

This year, organisations will continue in their efforts to support remote-working and learning. We want to see more people turning to refurbished tech, as the more economical and environmentally beneficial solution. Read the top misconceptions about refurbished devices or visit ICEX Store today.

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