ICEX Insight: January 2021

Happy New Year from our organisation to yours! Or should we instead say, “hopeful new year” instead? At ICEX, we are feeling hopeful. Our team is growing and changing and we are ready to for 2021. We are still operating with a full fleet and collections with Covid-19 measures will be made, just as before.

This year is extremely important – for everyone. It’s the year we hope to exit a global pandemic and embrace a new world. It’s also the year that the sustainable revolution will pick up speed.  

Many companies raced to the cloud last year or adopted new technologies to help them navigate business disruptions. ICEX is here to ensure that your IT assets run smoothly year-round and never put you at risk of a data breach. We’ll also keep your carbon footprint low by properly disposing of any redundant assets you have.

First things first, make sure your WFH set-up works for you.

Part of the sustainable revolution is treating your home as a hub for everything. Last year saw many of us leaving the office and setting up in a comfier space. But is your set-up working for you? Technology repurposing is what we do best.

What does e-waste look like in 2021?

In 2021, e-waste is still the most rapidly growing waste problem in the world. By 2019, global e-waste weighed substantially more than all the adults in Europe, or as much as 350 cruise ships. E-waste = huge amounts of Co2 when it goes to landfills or incinerators instead of recycling facilities like ICEX. It is the government’s responsibility to put the right systems in place that help technology supply chains operate in a more circular way. It is your responsibility to ensure your organisation doesn’t get caught out for waste and meet nasty fines. It is our responsibility at ICEX to help you do that. Join the sustainable revolution, talk to our team or get a collection quote today.

Industry focus: transforming healthcare in 2021

The medical sector is experiencing the biggest transformation of all due to technology. This year may see the integration of wearables and software as a service (SaS). That could mean digitised treatments, or greater accuracy for diagnosing and measuring treatments.
The concept of more technology-driven healthcare raises questions for us at ICEX. Does it help or hinder the sustainable revolution? How many new devices will be put into production and circulation? And which technologies will become redundant? Every new wave of devices brings another load of e-waste. Read more here.

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