The Cost Of Depreciation

Ensuring our clients realise the value of their redundant equipment is very important to us. Unfortunately, some of the prospects we converse with don’t fully understand that the longer they leave their old equipment in the corner or in a storage room, the less of a rebate they are likely to receive. Your IT Asset Disposal partner should always talk you through the possibility of rebates when organising an IT collection.

The value of IT equipment depreciates rapidly, within a year some IT assets will halve in value. This is partly down to general wear and tear but also can be decided by new technology entering the market. For example, the first ever iPhone was released in June 2007, since then there have been 20 other iPhones hence devaluating their predecessors drastically.

Our message to clients and prospects is that the moment you no longer need/want a certain piece of IT equipment make sure you dispose of it with a reputable ITAD partner, in many cases you may receive something back. Disposing of IT equipment can come about for multiple reasons e.g. an upgrade, an office move or simply no longer needed.