Total Transparency

As contracts between suppliers and customers come up for renewal, it’s only natural that clients review them and take the appropriate measures. One of which is to visit their IT Asset Disposal partner.

Over the past few weeks some of our biggest clients have come in to discuss the future and how we can work together going forward. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase our processing capabilities and show our clients the security side of our operation. Physical security is just as important as digital security in our industry – therefore it’s important for us to show our clients the measures we take to ensure the data they have passed us is in the best possible hands.

We see site visits as an integral part of a good relationship between us and our clients. They are important in mitigating any risks and offering total transparency to ensure both parties are happy with future works taking place. Not only does it provide peace of mind to a client, but it also helps us show the processes that are put in place to back up our certifications and accreditations, proving we are a reputable company.

To find out more about our operation get in touch so we can book you in for a site visit and show you why ICEX should be your preferred partner for IT Asset Disposal.