Cutting corners will put your reputation at risk

Reusing hard drives can be extremely cost-effective and will also help reduce the environmental impact of destroying and refining the drive. A quick Google search will bring up a plethora of free programmes offering complete data erasure for the hard drives you have accumulated and no longer need.

ICEX use software from Blancco, which overwrites any data contained on the drive. Not only does this remove the information you have stored on the drive, but also the information needed to run the machine. Firmware for printers and software for PC’s gone forever. The Blancco program has recognition from some of the highest offices in the land. The governments National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ, acknowledge the effectiveness of the program and endorse its use.

After processing, ICEX will supply you with certified proof that processing has taken place and an inventory matching the serial number of the drive to the serial number of the machine it was housed in, a full paperwork trail for confirmation and certification.    

When conducting a study in 2016, Blancco purchased 200 drives from eBay and Craigslist. During testing 67% still contained residual data, discovering information such as CV’s, photos and financial information. Before you hand the PC over to your IT asset disposal partner, check the procedure they have in place for the erasure of your data, ensure it is a tried and tested process.

A recent study by the BBC programme Watchdog found an independent IT repair shop were reusing drives, which is environmentally sound, but only if the software being used was delivering the service it promised. It was discovered that the repair shop were cutting corners and reusing hard drives from a care home without using trusted data erasure software. Over the following weeks and months data was found on the drives putting people at risk. 

There is a cost to licensing the Blancco software, it is a chargeable programme because it really does work. Using free software to erase your data is often too good to be true and not an effective way of totally erasing ALL data.