Security vs Cost

“I found someone to take it away for free” is a sentence we hear all too often, we are continually fighting against a tide of everyone wanting something for nothing. ICEX have invested in programs of improvement and have a commitment to continue that improvement as we strive to maintain our accreditations and raise our standards.

Finding someone to take the equipment away for free is a simple process, type in your request and up pop hundreds of results all with swish looking websites promising, a one size fits all free collection for all equipment and any data you may need to dispose of. This may well be the solution you are looking for, it may cover all your security requirements, but dig a little deeper and you may just find that it’s not the solution you were expecting.

Ideally, ICEX would like to collect and process equipment that is still current and available new, if you are giving away this type of equipment in return for a free collection, you may as well give all your money away. Equipment that has served you well but will require a refresh before it becomes unreliable, may yield enough value to cover the cost of our processing fees. This type of equipment may be old in your opinion, but could achieve good revenues on the secondary market, it may even be suitable for export. We can process this equipment to the highest standards of security and cover the collection and processing fees.