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GDPR – Price Comparison Websites

The GDPR has been clouded in masses of negativity, but is it a good thing or not?

If you have entered an enquiry into any of the price comparison websites over the past 9 years, then they more than likely have an enormous amount of information on you. They can tie in details and match up all the information you have given them for house, contents, life, car and holiday insurance all just so you can get a good price.

You may have given them this information when they sprang into life in 2009, but the information you gave them all that time ago is still relevant. You may have moved to a new house a couple of times since then, added more children or waved them goodbye onto the path of creating their own data footprint.

The information we give out every day all adds up, giving us all a data portfolio, and while comparison sites should not share data with third parties, each time you update your profile with a request for holiday insurance for 2 adults and 3 children and then 3 adults and 2 children, change your address and update your cars, the footprint and information they hold grows and grows.

If you have had an account with a site for the past 9 years, they can see how it has all changed, just from a tentative enquiry about some insurance policies. GDPR is not just about the fines that may be issued, it is about the storage of the data we willingly give away. The holder of the data needs to show it is stored securely, which is good, they need to justify holding the data they do (legitimate interest or consent), which is also good.

But it is also about the enquiry you put into the comparison site back in 2012, when you told them where you lived, who you lived with, the household income, the number of vehicles and the value of your contents. You chose not to change the home insurance supplier on that occasion but still completed all the forms. GDPR is not just about protecting the data you gave them, it’s how they use the data you gave them, so when you return to that site their computer system doesn’t remember more about your situation in 2012 than you do.